To all the people around me

All the people around me,
All the friends around the world
I wish you happiness with you

Happy Christmas

I wish you a happy Christmas
I wish you a merry Christmas
I wish you a warm Christmas
I wish you a gorgeous Christmas
Will you wish me
A happy Christmas?

My sweetest child

My whole hapiness is in you
So have a
Good life
Good love
Good laugh
My dearest child


Knowing that
We are
10000Km away
But still
Sharing the same moment
And still
Breathing the same air
And still
Living in the same planet
I love you
Can you hear me?


When you talk about your failure
I like you more
When you talk about your success
I am happy for you
But be nice, be nice
Be nice to me
Be nice to everyone
Don't hurt me
Don't hurt anyone
I wish you a very happy life
And happy time with me.....


If you have lived thousand lives
Why need me?
If you have met thousand women
Why want me?
If you have attained thousand victories
Why afraid of me?

I am just a soul
Soul from the past
Present and future
You hold your hand
High in the air
Searching my body
But in vain
Don't exist in the world
Only in you....


I have met someone
That has changed me
If you look from outside
You may not realize

I thought I had someone
But he faded out
The minute you entered
Into my life

You said it was luck
But was it luck?
You have changed me totally
I can not reverse


I was wondering
Why I am unhappy
Today I realize
Layers of lies
That are hurting me
But I am neither
Sad nor resentful
I just found that
I can not be with you

Ordinary girl

You may think
That I am an ordinary girl
I may look
That I am an ordinary girl
But don't you know
That my words are those of heaven
Penetrating your soul
So Connect
Love me
Hold me
Don't you forget
That I am always here

Good bye to you

Play you say
Watch you say
I could do neither
Now you desert me
Deserted me
Have deserted me
I shall not recall you


I am here and there
I am there and here
I am everywhere and nowhere

So lonely....

Is mother's invention
To make me realize
How fortunate
I had been

Perfect Girl

You say I am perfect
So I am perfect
Because you say so
I have everything
I have you

Multiple relationship

Safest way to live is
To have multiple relationship
When you lose one,
You won't be heartbroken
You will forget it eventually
Or it will stay in you as a memory

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